David Collins Photography - Oxford

Restoration and Duplication


  • Duplication
  • Repairs
  • Scanning 
  • copy work
  • archiving 
  • Printing
  • Colourising

Old Photographs copied or duplicated to a digital file. 

Save the images to digital copy. This will save the original image in time. The digital copy will not deteriorate. With the digital copy you can have this enhanced, restored and some Black and white images colorised. 

We can copy or duplicate film glass plate and prints. 

Photographic Film/Glass Plate to Digital.

Negatives, Transparencies / Slide film and Glass Plate to digital.

Black n White or Colour.

Media Formats from 10×8, 5×4, 6×6, 6×4.5 and 35mm. We can convert the odd sizes too.

Photographs, Prints and Paintings to Digital.

Prints of A4 and smaller can be duplicated via Scanning.

Prints over A4 size with be photographed at high resolution.

If the Photograph or Painting cannot be moved then we can capture images on location.

Images of 6ft and over can be taken at our warehouse studio.


Digital Repair to damaged photographs and paintings.

We copy the damaged images then retouch the electronic image keeping the original untouched. 

The images repair will be to our usual high standard. Please note there are limits to certain images.

You will receive the repaired image as a digital copy. We can supply prints at any size that is suitable to original.






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“Thank you for retouching my mothers photograph.”
“The quality looks lovely from the glass plate.”
“How incredible the photograph looks in colour.”
“Thank you for archiving our old photographs.”